We believe in the ‘Win-Win-Win' Strategy. Our clients should always win alongside our community.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams an international real estate franchise company with more than 180,000 real estate agents, operating in around 1000 offices across the globe. Keller Williams Realty has been among the fastest-growing real estate franchises in the industry since its founding in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams.

Keller Williams Realty is highly famous for its education, coaching, use of technology, culture, and wealth-building opportunities. These Keller Williams traits redefine the potential of their agents and empowers them towards new heights all around the world.

Keller Williams Turkey, with 1700 Agents and 21 Branch offices in the most famous cities of Turkey, is known for its great potential and customer satisfaction”

Borna Homes

Borna Homes is a real estate company powered by Keller Williams Realty. It was launched and designed by Mr. Shahram Borna with the mission to give exclusive services to expatriates to invest in properties worth owning and houses worth living in, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Borna Homes grew from a high-ranked sales team from Keller Williams in Turkey into a full-service agency that revolutionizes the traditional real estate model.

At Borna Homes, we do things differently. Our tech-powered innovation platform gives us a wide range of choices to make. Using the advantages of the superior education, coaching, technology, and culture of one of the best real estate companies worldwide, our agents are driven to success. Their understanding of clients' needs is exceptional, and they are highly trained to balance established buy strategies and techniques by innovative thinking.

We understand that it is more important than everything to help our clients with comprehensive real estate investment and immigration consulting services. Especially in the rapidly-changing environment of Turkey.

Our Mission

To give premium services to expatriates who want to invest in properties worth
owning and houses worth living in, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Vision

Live a Big Life

Live a Big Life

Create Wealth for Our Clients & Agents

Create Wealth for Our Clients & Agents

Have a Talented Team

Have a Talented Team

Be the Market Leader

Be the Market Leader

Our Values

Win Together: We believe in the ‘Win-Win-Win' Strategy. Our clients should always win alongside our community.
Being Creative: We share impactful success stories and develop out-of-the-box solutions.
Be Accountable: We Provide insightful, result-oriented, step-by-step guidance, and full support from site acquisition to final buyout for projects of all sizes, prices, and locations.
Have Empathy: We’re people, too. We’ve also moved and experienced that stress. We’ve been in your shoes and we know that being caring, understanding, and supportive in every step of the real estate process is essential for having a smooth experience in the real estate world.
Always Learn: We challenge each other all the time to be the best version of our ourselves in all aspects of life.


Borna Homes has a wide range of options to be able to manage your investment from the start to the satisfaction level, sourcing the most suitable residential and commercial properties as you need in the location you wish, and managing after-sale care when required.

We show empathy for your dreams and we make them come true as fast as possible. We are on your side and we provide you with accurate advice throughout the procedure; from choosing the right property to negotiating the best possible terms and prices, which you may not be able to get it from other agencies. We have great relationships and years of experience with the construction companies and developers and we have worked directly with them numerous times.

If you seek to attain citizenships and passports in Turkey, we will do it for you in most cases for as less as three months of duration. We rely on our great relationship with the government and immigration offices in Turkey, as well. Our experienced legal team, lawyers and attorneys will prevent you from facing any problems during your investment journey as well as solve any issues you may face during the process of obtaining citizenship or any other legal issues.

Transparency in costs: A professional team can reduce your costs massively. There are many hidden costs when it comes to buying property in Turkey. We reduce your costs and increase your cash power during the process using our expertise and experienced team.

We do not charge buyers on newly built projects as we receive our share of commission from the sellers. Some property agents will charge you at least 3% and will get the commission from the developer as well. But we prefer to receive the commission from the developer and, if necessary, we reduce our own commission to get a more compatible price for you. We prefer having satisfied customers rather than a large amount of commission. Our fast-growing professional team can make all this possible and we will always win together with our clients. For second-hand houses, we charge a buyer fee of 3% and 2% on properties we sell.

We come from one of the most experienced and the most famous realty services worldwide, which we take care of our trusted name and brand more than anything else in our business. Our motto is “Let’s win together.” Our services are designed to get your definite satisfaction in the whole process; from choosing the right property in the right location in line with your aims and dreams. We Guarantee your 100% satisfaction and will sign your contract with you on the first meeting at our warm, stylish office located in the north of Istanbul. We consider gaining customer’s trust is as a major challenge, which we have accepted to pursue based on our value of winning together.

We also provide information and fulfill preliminary expectations of investors in the Turkish real estate market, whether if it is about the costs of the investment projects or the expected profit, as well as the supply and demand related to the real estate project that needs to be professionally managed to maintain the value and generate greater financial revenue. Yet, the critical prospect is to know how to get these aspects correctly applied without the risks of market fluctuations after the completion of the project. This service is not only about residential real estate investments but also commercial real estate investments such as offices, hotels, land, farms and shopping centers through a feasibility study in financial and administrative terms with our specialized team of experts, investment experts and the developers of real estate projects.

Along with all of this, we inform our clients about the latest legislation of the Turkish government, the regulatory developments in Istanbul, and we provide high-quality consultancy on real estate finance, real estate guarantees, and real estate investment funds. The real estate marketing in Turkey is a science that examines the needs and desires of current and future customers in real estate ownership, and this comes through research and surveying customer requirements, with aligning with their specific budgets for real estate investments.

If you are serious about owning real estate and investment in Istanbul, it is our pleasure to provide you with a free consultation service. Begin by writing to us what you wish for and we will send you samples or a group of properties in Istanbul that align with your dreams. We are ready to welcome you at the airport in addition to the document translation services, and we will book a hotel for you. To show you the real properties in an elegant and comfortable manner that suits you, we also provide VIP services and business reception services upon your request.

We will show you the villas and apartments that are compatible with your budget for the ownership in Turkey, which also includes all the important projects, that has been set and agreed on in advanced, in order to achieve the desired results.

An Important note to take into consideration is that the property prices start from $250,000, and clients must have made an arrangement before arriving in Turkey via our customer service office.


Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world by agent count and boasts about its highest sales volume in the world. And as a team, it stands out from all other real estate firms in numerous ways. This is because there are a number of key aspects that define us as an industry innovator and leader.


Powered by Keller Williams, our commitment to education is unparalleled. From classroom trainings to on-demand, online teachings and our award-winning coaching programs, we have the most advanced and comprehensive learning foundations in the real estate world.


We stay ahead of trends in the real estate industry through our comprehensive, industry-leading training curriculum and research resources. It is what prepares our team to provide you with an exceptional service.


We have an intercultural belief system called the “WI4C2TES” that guides us to show how we should treat each other and how we should do business. Our unique culture creates a sense of family and community that is rare and unique in the real estate industry. When you are here, you are a part of our family.


Together, we handle the entire process so you can relax, knowing every detail is taken care of.

Best Values:

We provide the best offers to the investors and those who are wishing to own property or invest in Turkey, in terms of the value of the real estate investment, and the budget allocated for the purchase.

High Productivity:

It is committed to high reliability and efficiency. We always make sure to document all the selling and buying steps legally via officially recognized contracts provided by the Turkish government to ensure and protect our customer’s rights.


Our team does constant research and learning so that you are up to date on everything there is to know about buying or selling a property.


We believe in transparency and constant communication with our clients. We will always keep you in the loop. So that you won't be stressed about missing out on the important steps in the process.


Keller Williams employs the top consultants and staff. We are talking experts with strong ability to make detailed studies that determine the opportunities of real estate investment and ownerships in Turkey.

Large Database:

Our team Searches for the best options for you. And they do that through extensive database research and commercial and social relations in order to provide a selected group of various offers to be explored according to the customer’s desire and potential. We provide you with an investment chance of a lifetime.

VIP Services:

We have unique services that are mainly based on the customer’s comfort and not on our own profitability. These services include property management in Turkey, real estate pricing, real estate consulting services, real estate development, and legal documents. All these services have expanded the circle of customers to cover those of special tastes wishing excellence and uniqueness.

International Language:

We speak your language. With 24/7 high quality customer service, we support your needs before and after the sales.


Our rich history in the field of investments allows us to understand the expectations of international investors accurately and to offer customized solutions and qualified package programs. We provide strategic and personalized guidance to understand the needs of our customers by providing the best quality service expected from a reliable, trustworthy investment firm. We offer you the best options possible with your investment objectives.

  • Guaranteed Title Deed Delivery. (0% Failure)
  • State Guaranteed Projects.
  • Law and Investment Consultancy.
  • Personalized Investment Solutions.
  • High Quality Service After-Sales.
  • Special Packages for Investors.
  • Turkish Passport Within 3 Months.
  • Expertise and Professionalism. (Skilled Management and Expert Team + Legal procedures)
  • 100% Buyer Satisfaction. (From Beginning to End)
  • Best Prices. Using up-to-date market analyzing statistics of neighborhoods, we offer comprehensive analysis of the market and price comparison analysis to our clients. You will be able to get the right price off of each property you want to buy.


Top 20 Mastermind
KW Mastermind

Winner of 4 Gold Medals
KW Sales Awards

High Production Awards
KW Sales Awards

Platinum Awards
KW Top Agents

4 Gold Medals Awards
KW Top Team

Keller Williams Real Estate Global Awards 2020

  • Ranked the #1 happiest company in the world according to the Forbes.
  • Swanepoel Mega 1000 named Keller Williams as the top residential property franchisee of the United States.
  • Keller Williams was also ranked high by the Forbes for America's Greatest Entrepreneurs.
  • KW Partners was brought back to communities around the world through the 11th annual RED Day event and was ranked the #1 ”Work-Life Balance” company.
  • REAL Trends includes 86 of Keller Williams representation teams in the top 250 real estate team rankings by transactions, accounting for 34.3% of the total rankings.
  • Forbes magazine ranked KW #8 out of 300 for the "Best Workplace for Women" category.
  • Forbes magazine ranked KW #173 out of 250 for the "Best Workplaces for New Graduates" category.
  • Glassdoor ranked KW #29 out of 100 for the “Best Places to Work In” in 2020.


Borna Homes Team consists of a team of real estate professionals who commit themselves to help our
clients build legacy and wealth, and to make real estate dreams come true. We have exclusively trained
residential agents and special commercial agents who have dedicated their years to help investors.

Chris Brown

Shahram Borna CEO & Team Leader

Chris Brown

Masoumeh Pakrouh Inside Sale Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Asli Demirel Seller Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Çiçek Pamukçuoğlu Seller Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Hooman Dolatabadi Buyer Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Murat Girişken Seller Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Nagehan Emanet Seller Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Navid NEMATI Media Specialist

Chris Brown

Nikan Khamisi Seller Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Paria Pashaei Buyer Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Sepideh Oujagh Buyer Agent Specialist

Chris Brown

Şenol Çetınkaya Seller Agent Specialist


KW Alesta

Mansuroğlu Mah.
Manavkuyu, Bayraklı, İzmir

KW Alfa

Üçevler Mah.
Çalı, Nilüfer, Bursa

KW Angora

Koru Mah.
Çayyolu, Çankaya, Ankara

KW Bodrum

Konacık Mah.
Bodrum, Bodrum, Muğla

KW Bogazici

Altunizade Mah.
Altunizade, Üsküdar, İstanbul

KW Cadde

Suadiye Mah.
Suadiye, Kadıköy, İstanbul

KW Ekol

Merkez Mah.
Beykoz, Beykoz, İstanbul

KW Fores Atasehir

Küçükbakkalköy Mah.
Küçükbakkalköy, Ataşehir, İstanbul

KW Fores Sisli

Cumhuriyet Mah.
Cumhuriyet, Şişli, İstanbul

KW Karma

Poligon Mah.
İstinye, Sarıyer, İstanbul

KW Kent

Cumhuriyet Mah.
Taşdelen, Çekmeköy, İstanbul

KW Meridyen

Şehitkamil, Gaziantep

KW Nova

Pendik, İstanbul

KW Orsa


KW Platin

Akat Mah.
Akatlar, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

KW Talya

Çağlayan Mah.
Lara, Muratpaşa, Antalya

KW Viya

Ataşehir Mah.
Çiğli, Çiğli, İzmir

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