We strictly protect your privacy in accordance with international and European law and European and American standards.

Our privacy policy includes the methods by which Borna Homes collects, protects, processes and uses users’ personal information.

Borna Homes is firmly and unwaveringly committed to protecting its online information and that of its users.

The Ruling Law

The security of this website’s users’ personal information, such as first and last name, address, phone number, and email, is a serious and important matter for Borna Homes. Therefore, we conduct our online activities in accordance with the rules and standards related to information protection and data security. Likewise, all Borna Homes’s international real estate activities are subject to the general laws and regulations of Turkey.

How we Collect Our Users’ Personal Information

We welcome people to visit the Borna Homes website. When you visit our website, your Internet Protocol (IP) will be registered and the cookie file will be installed on your browser. Please note that the URL cannot identify you. This information is general and is used to evaluate different parts of the website and the duration of your visit to its pages. This information will be aggregated with similar information obtained from other visitors and will be used in statistical and analytical surveys, such as number of visitors, average visit time, and pages visited. The combination of this data is also used to monitor and evaluate different sections, content, training courses, and customer feedback; This optimizes and increases the efficiency of our website. It should be noted that this information is for statistical and internal purposes only.

How We Use Your Personal Information

Protecting our users’ personal information is the first priority of Borna Homes when it comes to online activity. We store and process your personal information only to fulfill our obligations. If you need to use your information for other matters, such as staying up to date with the latest news and offers, it will be with your permission. We will also not share your personal information with third parties, except by law.

Security of Your Personal Information

Borna Homes takes a series of precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the security of your personal information. Your personal information will be carefully protected against tampering, deletion, relocation, and unauthorized access or disclosure. Borna Homes protects users by storing information on secure servers, and uses advanced encryption technologies to prevent unauthorized access. Borna Homes does its best to combine art and technology in a way that provides a safe environment for information exchange. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of your personal information when you are online. We suggest that you change your password from time to time and use a combination of letters and numbers. Also, always use secure and trusted browsers for added security. Use a VPN if possible.

Communication via Email

We use your email address to send newsletters and information about news, events, courses, services, special offers, and more. To do this, we save your email address in our files.

Scope of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to all online services provided by Borna Homes and accessible and retrieved under our website. Use of this website is possible within the framework of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to amend, strengthen, or remove parts of our privacy policy at any time. 

Updating Our Privacy Policy

Borna Homes may update its privacy policy at any time. Any changes in this regard will be displayed on the Borna Homes website. Please contact us if you have questions about this website’s privacy policy or other guidelines.

You Can Request More Information

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints. We thrive on your feedback.

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