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Istanbul Avjilar district is one of the districts of Istanbul in the European part. It is bordered on the east by the Kuchukchkamjeh region, on the north by the Bashak Shahir region, on the west by the Snivert and Bilikudozu regions, and on the south by the Sea of Marmara. This area has 10 neighborhoods: Ambarli neighborhood, Jahangir neighborhood, Deniz Kushkler neighborhood, Firoozkooi neighborhood, Gumus Pasha neighborhood, Markaz neighborhood, Mustafa Kamalpasha neighborhood, Takhte Kaleh neighborhood, University neighborhood, Yeshil Kent neighborhood are among these neighborhoods.

In the past, Avjilar was once known as a small village and suburban area, and was a pleasant summer area. It became an industrial center in the 1960s, but is now an important urban area. One of the features of Avjilar region is the ancient Ottoman architecture in its numerous buildings and traditional lands and farms. This area has attractions such as the sea, lakes, nature and historical monuments that have become one of the busiest and most visited areas.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are special sightseeing museums in the Avjilar area, such as the Halok Perk Museum; This museum is located in Gumus Pasha. Where the elements of many civilizations have been exhibited to this day.

Avjilar Beach Park: One of the most beautiful parks on the beach in Istanbul, which is attractive for walking on the quiet beach. This beach is one of the popular areas of this region.

Ali Bey Farm: Ali Bey Farm is another tourist attraction in the Avjilar district of Istanbul. The farm is actually a hunting lodge used by the Ottoman kings in ancient times.

Among the shopping centers in this area, we can mention Pelican Shopping Center.

One of the largest universities in Turkey, Istanbul University, is located in the Avjilar district, which is one of the most important universities in Istanbul and has technical, veterinary and business schools.

Access to public transport

Access to the Avjilar area is very easy. Because this area is located between Abesh and Tema highways, which are the main highways of Istanbul. Avjilar neighborhood is approximately 26 km from Istanbul city center, Taksim Square; However, public transportation, especially the metro, has made it much easier for the citizens of this area to get to and from the city center.

Restaurants and hotels

There are many restaurants and cafes in this area with different styles, including modern American or traditional Turkish. Grand Avjilar Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in this area.

Benefits of living in the Avjilar region

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Special geographical location due to the special view of the Marmara Sea and the small lake Chachkameh
  • Popular beach parks
  • A large system of public transportation and facilitation came and went
  • Access to the main highways of Istanbul
  • Istanbul University

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