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One of the most attractive areas of Istanbul is Baghjilar, which is not a coastal area and has nothing in common with the sea. Located on the European side of Istanbul and bordered on the north by Sneller and Arnavutkoy, on the south by Bakerkoy and Bahler Lee Uler, on the west by Little Boots and on the east by Ayub Sultan, it was originally a small area with only 63 Families lived there, but over time, it became the residence of the Turks of the Balkans and Greece. The area was home to many immigrants in the early 1990s, who are now its main inhabitants. With the growth of various construction projects and the establishment of numerous commercial, cultural, residential and entertainment centers, this area has now become the most populous area of Istanbul.

One of the most important economic facilities created in this popular region is the locomotive and textile sectors. The garment and leather industry, paper and printing products, machine equipment, etc. are some of the active industries in the Istanbul industry located in this area. There are several examples of industrial companies that have an important position in international and domestic markets, such as Zeilan shoe factory, Ika fabric products, Baft Tanner products and Usash service company are located in Baghjilar.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are large and famous commercial centers in Baghjilar region, including Autocenter and Istoch. The Istanbul Olympic Stadium has also been built in the area.

The two most famous parks in the area are Guneshli Park, which includes beautiful nostalgic gardens, including the apple orchard, and is complemented by a picnic area, a café-restaurant, a sports field and a children’s play area.

Another park, called Chestnut Garden, which was built in 2011 in this area, has many pavilions. The number of these pavilions is so large that everyone can enjoy the facilities of a great picnic for free. In this large garden, there are about 200 chestnut trees and a variety of terraces and chairs to see the beauty of the garden.

The Baghjilar district is now full of luxury hotels and entertainment venues, state-of-the-art medical centers, public libraries, including a library with 3,068 books, and university centers such as Kemerburgaz, one of Istanbul’s most prestigious universities.

Access to public transport

The Baghjilar district is located in the Marmara district, between the two major highways TEM and E5, which is actually the main nerve of Istanbul because it connects the north of Istanbul to the south and starts from Bakerkoy, near Ataturk Airport, and to the new Istanbul airport in Arnavutkoy district. arrives. From this area, due to the access to the surrounding highways, you can easily access the important ports of Istanbul.

The tram line also connects Baghjilar to Kabataş. Recently, the metro line has expanded the level of access of the people of this region to different places and the creation of several bus lines has completed this access. The Bagcilar district of Istanbul is approximately 15 minutes from Ataturk Airport and 30 minutes from the center of Istanbul.

Restaurants and hotels

Luxury hotels in the area include the Gurion Hotel, the Brix Hotel and the Royal Estee Palace Hotel.

Benefits of living in Baghjilar area

  • High value of property and land for investment due to the economic growth of the region
  • Existence of important industries in this region
  • Access to the main highways of Istanbul
  • There are several famous shopping malls
  • Existence of luxury and famous hotels
  • Existence of libraries, cultural centers and important universities

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