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The Bahcelievler district is located in the European part of Istanbul. It is bordered on the south by the Bakeroy region, on the west by the Kuchuk chekmej region, on the north by the Bajilar region, and on the east by the Gongoren region. Bahcheli Ouler means houses with a garden. Among the neighborhoods of this region, we can mention Chooban Cheshmeh neighborhood, Fawzi Chakmak neighborhood, Hurit neighborhood, Kojasinan Markaz neighborhood, Siavash Pasha neighborhood, Svanoli neighborhood, Shirinauler neighborhood, Yeni Bosna Markaz neighborhood, Zafer neighborhood, Jomhuri neighborhood. This area is close to Istanbul Airport. Today, Bahce Leuler district, which is an industrial area, plays an important role in the economy of Istanbul and Turkey. The first industrial town and the first Turkish Coca-Cola factory have been established in this region. This area is not next to the coast, so the humidity is stable and there is less wind than the coastal areas.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Bahcelievler district is home to many of Istanbul’s major shopping malls. Onvardi Shopping Center, which is located near the old Onvardi cinema, is located in the center of this neighborhood, and the Confectionery Cafe is located on the highway and at the entrance of Bahchehli Uler neighborhood. Onvardi Shopping Center and Omor Cafe are among the most famous attractions of this neighborhood. There are many jewelry stores in Istanbul’s Bahcelievler district, such as the Bridal World Shopping Mall, which is a large market for wedding essentials. There are many ancient monuments and tourist attractions in this area. Among the historical places of this region, we can mention Siavash Pasha Palace and Cheshmeh Piaz.

Siavash Pasha Palace: This monument is located in Hakimat National Park and is one of the remnants of the Ottoman era, which today is considered a children’s library.

Onion Fountain: The Onion Fountain is a fountain built during the Byzantine Empire to quench the thirst of its soldiers during the Neuron Empire.

Shopping centers and commercial buildings in this area include the following:

  • Kachtash yani basna
  • Omor Plaza
  • Perth Metro Shopping Center

There are several universities in the Bahcelievler area:

  • Marmara University of Economics
  • Anadolu University
  • Istanbul University of Culture and Arts
  • Aydin Istanbul University of Dentistry
  • Ghadir University of English

Access to public transport

In Istanbul’s Bahcelievler Magazine, urban transportation is well organized. Metro, bus, minibus, taxi and private car provide easy access to the center of Istanbul.

Restaurants and hotels

Luxury hotels in the area include the Gurion Hotel, the Brix Hotel and the Royal Estee Palace Hotel.

Benefits of living in the Bahcelievler area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • There are several famous shopping malls
  • Existence of luxury and famous hotels
  • Existence of antiquities and tourist attractions
  • Existence of famous and important universities

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