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Bakerkoy is one of the districts of Istanbul in the European part and is one of the oldest parts of the city, which is bordered on the west by Kucuk chekmeche, on the north by Leuler Garden, on the south by Gungoren and the Sea of Marmara, and on the east by Zeytinburnu. Bakerkoy is a residential and developed area, which is why most of its inhabitants are middle-class and upper-class people. Among the neighborhoods of this region, Atakoy neighborhood, Basinkoy neighborhood, Joyzlik neighborhood, Kartal Tappeh neighborhood, Zohurat Baba neighborhood, Ottoman neighborhood, Sakiz Aghaji neighborhood, Shanliykuy neighborhood, Yeni Mahalla neighborhood, Yeshilkuy neighborhood, Yashil Yurt neighborhood, Zayand Yurt neighborhood.

This area has many natural attractions and was used as a summer area in the past, so this area has historical and ancient origins from the period of the Roman Empire. In 1989, the Bakerkoy area was a vast area of 275 km and was one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the city for swimming and beach recreation.

Bakerkoy is currently one of the most important economic areas of Istanbul, whose economy is based on industry and trade. Istanbul Ataturk Airport is located in the west of Bakerkoy district, which until 2019 was considered the most important airport in Turkey. From different neighborhoods of Bakerkoy, access to educational, recreational, tourist, beach, public transportation, medical centers …. is very easy and most of the facilities are in Bakerkoy area.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are many historical and recreational attractions in the area, including Bakirkoy Freedom Square, the Istanbul Aquarium, the Charsh Mosque, the Armenian Church and Cemetery, the Ataturk Marine Mansion and the Bakerkoy Luna Park.

Bakerkoy Freedom Square: One of the busiest places in Istanbul during the day is Bakerkoy Freedom Square, which hosts a large number of people from all over Istanbul on a daily basis.

Istanbul Aquarium: Istanbul Aquarium is an aquatic paradise.

Ataturk Marine Mansion: In this mansion, important meetings have been held with the heads of states, including the kings of England and the heads of other countries.

Luna Bakerkoy Park: Bakerkoy Amusement Park is one of the nostalgic Luna Parks in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul in the European part of Istanbul.

There are some great shopping malls in the area, including Marmara Forum, Istanbul Gallery, Capacitio, Bakkerkoy Saturday Bazaar, Atrium Shopping Mall and Flynn. Vali Effendi Equestrian Square, which is known as the largest and oldest equestrian track in Turkey, is also located in Baku. Other attractions include Ataturk Forest, Floria Istanbul Beach and Beach, Bakerkoy Botanical Park and Yeshilkoy Beach Park.

Located on the coastal road of the Atakoy district, the Marina Pier is located next to the large Galleria Shopping Mall, which has many luxury cafes and restaurants, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in European Istanbul, with a variety of pleasure boats.

Due to the texture of the residents, the best private and international schools in Istanbul are located in Bakerkoy district. Bahceh Shahir College (Private), Chapa Belim College (Private), MEV College, Bakerkuy Success Schools (Private) Bakerkui Empati Floria (Private), Atakoy Vatan Schools (Private), Yeshilkuy Schools (Private), Canadian International School ( Private) are among these schools.

Access to public transport

Bakerkoy is one of the busiest streets in Istanbul. For this reason, you can find public transportation such as taxis and buses from anywhere in the city to reach this neighborhood. But the best way to access it is to use the subway.

Restaurants and hotels

Hilton Baker Hotel, Crowne Plaza Floria Hotel, Titanic Port Hotel, Atakoy Regency Life Hotel are some of the luxury hotels in this area. There are also luxury restaurants in Bakirkoy.

Benefits of living in the Bakirkoy area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • It has many natural attractions
  • Existence of luxury hotels
  • Neighborhood of this area with the beach and marina pier
  • Existence of famous shopping center
  • Existence of famous international educational centers, schools and universities
  • Excellent public access and transportation network

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