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This area is located in the European part of Istanbul. Beshiktash is bordered on the west by شişli and Kayithane, on the southwest by Beyoghlu and on the north by Sarir. Beshiktas literally means rock cradle. The climate of this region is affected by the climate of Istanbul and its humidity is higher than other regions on the coast. It is hot and rainy in summers and mild and rainy in winters. This region has the highest social rank in terms of cultural level in the whole city of Istanbul.

Beshiktash region of 23 neighborhoods with the names of Ortakoy, Kuruchme, Arnavutkoy, Wisenzadeh, Ulus, Levent, Etiler, Babek,yeldiz, Abasagha, Akatlar, Balmumchu, Jahannama, Dikilitas, Ghairat Tappehr, Konackla, kultor , Composed of Sinan Pasha and Turkali.

Beshiktash is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul to buy a house. Beşiktaş is a region for all the rich from all over the world, where they lead a royal life. Neighborhoods such as Ortak,dy and Etiler are some of Beshiktash’s most important and important neighborhoods to buy a home.

Beshiktash is also culturally important for Istanbul, despite its numerous universities. This area has several important points along the coast, including Delma Bagche Palace in Istanbul and Babak district.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Beshiktash is home to Turkey’s oldest sports club. There is also an Ortakoy Sports Club in the area. Another important sports venue in this area is Vodafone Park Stadium, where the famous Beshiktash football team plays in this beautiful stadium.

One of the most important old and local markets of Istanbul is located in this area, near the Naval Museum. Beshiktash Open Market is one of the exciting attractions of this region. Another attraction of this area is the Naval Museum, which is called Deniz Museum in Turkish. Delma Baghche Palace, Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Yildiz Park, Cheragan Palace, Ortakoy Museum and Mosque, Barbarossa Mausoleum, Bijikyenonu Stadium are some of the attractions of this area.

Navy Museum: In this recently renovated museum, the largest collection of naval artifacts is on display.

Delma Bagce Palace: Delma Bagce is known as the largest palace in all of Turkey.

Museum of Painting and Sculpture: The Museum of Painting and Sculpture is located near Dalmeh Baghcheh Palace. The museum was built in 1937 by order of Ataturk as the first public museum of visual arts.

Yildiz Park: The beautiful Yildiz Park is one of the attractions of Beshiktash district of Istanbul and is located between Cheragan Palace and Yildiz.

Cheragan Palace: Cheragan Palace was built in the Baroque style between 1863 and 1872 and is known as one of the last masterpieces of the Ottoman Empire.

Ortakoy Museum and Mosque: The magnificent building of the Ortakoy Museum is built in the neo-Baroque style and some of the best and most beautiful examples of Islamic calligraphy are kept in this museum.

Barbarossa Tomb: The tomb of Khair al-Din Barbarossa was one of the most famous admirals during the Ottoman period, and there are four other stone tombs around it.

Bijikyenonu Stadium: This stadium is dedicated to Beshiktash football team, which is one of the oldest football teams in Turkey and is called “Black Eagles” by the people of this country.

Access to public transport

One of the main transportation arteries in Beshiktash, Barbaros Boulevard; Delma Baghcheh Street; Buick Valley; There are the Bosphorus coastal road and Nisbetiyeh street, which is very important due to the existence of public transportation.

Restaurants and hotels

Among the famous restaurants in this area:

  • Summit Bar Restaurant
  • Sans Restaurant
  • Turga Restaurant
  • Sabrosa Restaurant

There are also great cafes in the area, including Motollok Nektasi, Okali Kaveh, and Kickhouse. Barbaros Hotels, Conrad Hotel, Swiss Hotel’s Bosphorus are some of the luxury hotels in the area.

Benefits of living in Beshiktash

  • Accommodation for the rich, educated and actors
  • The most luxurious area of Istanbul to buy a house
  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Has the highest social rank in terms of the level of culture of the inhabitants
  • Access to urban transport arteries
  • Attractive cultural and historical centers
  • Existence of luxury and famous hotels
  • Existence of luxurious restaurants and cafes
  • Multiple universities
  • Parks and coastal sidewalks

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