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Beykoz is a prosperous and luxurious neighborhood located in the Asian part of Istanbul. This area is located in the northern part of the Bosphorus Strait by the Black Sea. The untouched green space of Beykoz and its climate due to its proximity to the sea has made this area one of the most pleasant and peaceful areas of Istanbul.

The meaning of the word Beykoz is derived from the two words Bey meaning prince or lord and Koz meaning village taken in the Ottoman period. The back land of this region was a free and forested country and kings used it for hunting. The forest and beech grove have made this area one of the greenest and most pleasant and airy areas of Istanbul. Due to its excellent climate and fishing capability due to its proximity to the Sea of Marmara, this place has always been the focus of influential Turkish people in all historical periods, and many Turkish celebrities have built their own villas in Beykoz.

Neighborhoods of this region are: Ajarlar neighborhood, Akbaba neighborhood, Ali Bahadir neighborhood, Anadolu Haysari neighborhood, Anadolu Kavai neighborhood, Anadolofnari neighborhood, Baklaji neighborhood, Boozaneh neighborhood, Chamli Bahcheh neighborhood, Changel Darreh neighborhood, Chiftulik neighborhood, Chiftolik neighborhood, Chiftolik neighborhood Darreh-e-Saki neighborhood, Al-Mali neighborhood, Fatih neighborhood, Goksu neighborhood, Gulu neighborhood, Gorl neighborhood, Gaztepe neighborhood, Gokush Soyo neighborhood, Injirkoy neighborhood, Ishaqli neighborhood, Kanlija neighborhood, Kavajik neighborhood, Kainarja neighborhood, Kiloodli neighborhood, Mohammadash Shouli neighborhood Center, Oumche Neighborhood, Ornek Koi Neighborhood, Ortachecheme Neighborhood, Pashabahcheh Neighborhood, Pashamandira Neighborhood, Polonzkoy Neighborhood, Poyrazkoi Neighborhood, Riva Neighborhood, Roozgarli Bahcheh Neighborhood, Suokusu Neighborhood, Tokat Koi Neighborhood, Yali Koi Neighborhood, Yali Neighborhood Zarzavatchi neighborhood.

The Changel Dare neighborhood in this area is home to the most expensive houses in Istanbul. The area is also home to a large number of nightclubs due to cruise ship and fishing. Beykoz is located in front of the affluent area of the European part of Istanbul, namely Babak, Sarir and Zakaria ,and this factor has caused many rich people in the European part of the region to buy villas, so that in the warm seasons of the year, this area is well watered. And let the air come.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Natural waterfalls, beautiful sights, fertile land, sea and lush forests make this area just like a legendary place. Tourist attractions in the area include Khadio Palace, Anadolu Kawagi Castle, Kucuksu Palace in Istanbul, Beykoz Forest Park, the village and Canlija Beach.

Khadio Palace: Khadio Palace is known as a neo-classical, neo-Islamic and neo-Ottoman work, built in 1907 by an Italian architect named Delphi Seminati.

Anadolu Kawagi Castle: Anadolu Kawagi Castle is located in front of Rumeli Castle and dates back to the Eastern Roman era.

Kucuksu Palace Istanbul: The palace dates back to the Byzantine Empire in 1623. It is said that the builder of this palace was very interested in its construction and for this reason it was named the Silver Cedar Tree.

Beykoz Forest Park: Beykoz Forest is one of the most beautiful and lush tourist attractions of Istanbul. The area’s forest park is one of the most popular places for locals to have fun and eat and drink in its many restaurants and cafes.

Canilla village and beach: There is a historical and very beautiful village called Canilla in Beykoz area, which is very famous for its beach.

Other amenities and services in the area include stylish sports halls, luxury tennis courts, horse stables, organic farming stores and large, modern shopping malls. The most important shopping malls in Beykoz are Istanbul Shopping Mall and Water Garden Shopping Mall.

Families living in Beykoz can take advantage of the many schools and colleges located in different neighborhoods of the area, some of which are: Private Nature College, Success Private School, Ted Istanbul Private College and Belfen Private College.

Access to public transport

Travel in this area is easily possible by private car, Istanbul taxis or by bus and minibus.

Restaurants and hotels

Due to the location of Beykoz near the Bosphorus and the presence of fishermen and the passage of huge ships, this area has become very popular and there are several restaurants and nightclubs on the beach of Bikes without opening.

Benefits of living in the Beykoz area

  • It has an excellent climate and many tourist attractions
  • Existence of this region next to the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait
  • High value of land and property for investment
  • Existence of luxury beach villas
  • There are beautiful forests and forest parks
  • Existence of high-ranking universities

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