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The Bilikuduzu district of Istanbul is one of the Western European logic of Istanbul. It is bordered on the south by the Sea of Marmara, on the east by Avjilar, on the west by Buyukchekmece, and on the north by the Snivert region.

The area of this area is 360 square kilometers. Neighborhoods in this area include Adnan Qahvechi, Buyukshahir, Darreh Aghazi, Barish, Jomhuri, Marmara, Sahel, Gurpinar, Yakoplu and Kavakli.

Bilikuduzu is one of the most beautiful and lush areas of Istanbul. This area continues to grow with its location between two giant valleys between the Republic and Adnan Kahvechi neighborhoods. Beylikdüzü is one of the rare areas of Istanbul that has no suburbs. According to municipal studies, more than 40 percent of people living in residential complexes and luxury buildings in the area have higher education.

The Bilikuduzu district is 150 meters above sea level, which has more humidity and wind than the central areas of Istanbul. Also, the winter in this region is harsher than other regions. Bilikduzu is 13 km from Ataturk Airport.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are extensive sports facilities in this area. There is a windsurfing club and an underwater sports training center on the shores of Bilicudo. Tourist attractions in the area include the Canaan Fishermen’s Museum of Marine Creatures, the port of Altash Yakoplo, the West Marina, Sultan Abdulaziz Palace, Aisha Grandmother’s Fountain and the Japanese Garden.

Canaan Fisherman’s Museum of Marine Creatures: Thousands of marine species from 50 grams to 500 grams have been collected for public display.

Altash Yakuplu Port: This port is one of the most important ports in Istanbul, which is ranked 38th among the world’s transport ports

West Marina: One of the most important beaches in Istanbul is located in the Bilikduzu district. West Marina Beach offers a variety of water sports facilities for relaxing hours by the sea.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Palace: Sultan Abdul Aziz Palace dates back to the Byzantine Empire. At the end of the 11th century, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz used this place as a hunting lodge due to the abundance of birds.

Aisha’s grandmother’s spring: Aisha’s grandmother’s fountain was used as a place for hospitalization, healing and healing during the rule of the Ottoman Empire due to its special location and clean air.

Japanese Garden: It is a private park with traditional Japanese cottages that visitors visit to take pictures next to them and also to see the large water pools with beautiful and colorful fish.

There are two luxury shopping malls Marmara Park and Akbati in this area. This area is also very popular for nightlife.

The two universities of Anatolia and Istanbul Bicent are located in the Beylikduzu district.

Access to public transport

Residents of the Bilikduzu area can use taxis and public transportation such as metrobuses to reach different parts of the city and reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

Restaurants and hotels

There are restaurants around the area where you can taste a variety of dishes such as Turkish and international cuisine. There are also some great cafes in the area.

Benefits of living in the Bilik Dozo area

  • Suitable and clean weather
  • Close to the beach
  • High level of culture of residents from all over the world
  • There are luxury shopping malls such as Marmara Park and Akbati
  • Easy access to Istanbul public transport
  • Adjacent to major highways and major highways in Istanbul
  • Numerous tourist attractions and extensive sports facilities‌

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