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This region is one of the European regions of Istanbul, which is bordered by Kayit Hane region in the northwest, Sisli region in the north, Beshiktash and Bosphorus Strait and Baghaz Bridge in the east, and Istanbul Bay in the west.

This area has an area of about eight thousand kilometers and has 45 neighborhoods. Biyaghlu literally means the son of a king or the son of a lord. The Beyoglu district is an ancient region once inhabited mostly by Venetians, Armenians and Greeks, and was once known as the Paris of the Orient because of its architectural style.

Around this area, there are two of the most famous places in Istanbul, namely Taksim Square and Esteghlal Street. The main route of this area is Esteghlal Street, where there are shops, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, bookstores, theaters, cinemas and painting galleries. This street is one of the most famous and lively streets of this city.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

One of the most important attractions in this area is Galata Tower, which is located in Beyoglu district. The tower dates back to 700 years ago. The height of this tower is 67 meters, which is the tallest tower in Istanbul. Another neighborhood in Beyoglu is called Jahangir, which is home to actors and writers, and today is famous for its traditional local and modern cafes.

There is Galatasaray Club in this region, which is one of the oldest clubs in Turkey. Other sports clubs in the region are Kasimpasa and Beyoglu. There are many luxury hotels, shopping malls and restaurants in the area. One of the most famous and oldest cinemas in Istanbul is Atlas Cinema. The cafes around this cinema are the hangout of intellectuals and cinema people.

One of the strangest museums in Istanbul is the Museum of Innocence, which is located in this area. The museum is based on a novel by Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk. The items on display at the museum are classic silverware, clothing, matches and lottery tickets. Another museum in the region is the Museum of Modern Art, which is the first non-governmental museum in Turkey.

Miniature Park is one of the largest miniature parks in the world. This park is one of the newly established parks that has been opened for 15 years. Among the shopping centers in this area are Beyoglu Shopping Center, Grand Pra Shopping Center and Demir Oren Shopping Center.

The Beyoglu district is also rich in educational institutions. These excellent institutions of the region are: the Central Campus of the Universities of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, some units of Bilgi, Halic and Bikent Universities.

Access to public transport

The second oldest underground transportation system in the world, or underground train, is located in the Beyoglu region and its final destination is Karakoy. Riding with this system called Finiculler will be a memorable experience. Also, Taksim Square, which is located in this area and is the center of Istanbul, has provided easy access to different areas for the residents of this area.

Restaurants and hotels

There are some of the most famous coffee shops and restaurants in the area, which are the hangouts of the world’s most famous intellectuals and writers and poets. These restaurants include: Otanik Restaurant, Changa Restaurant, Seaside Restaurant, Mexican Pijante Restaurant, 360 Istanbul Restaurant, Beyoglu Salash Fasil Restaurant.

The most famous and luxurious hotels in this area are the Hotel de Caracas, the Hotel de Camondo and the Hotel Pra Palace.

Benefits of living in the Beyoglu area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Excellent rental income from real estate in the area
  • Excellent access to all public transport
  • Located in the center of Istanbul
  • Esteghlal Street and Taksim Square are located in this area
  • The most famous and lively area of Istanbul
  • There are several famous shopping malls
  • It has many cultural attractions
  • It has many tourist attractions

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