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The Esenyurt area is one of the neighborhoods separated from the Buyukchekmeche area. It is adjacent to the kucukcekmece region to the east, to the Hoshdere neighborhood to the north, and to the Firuzku region to the south, near the Sea of Marmara in the European part of Istanbul.

Some of the most important neighborhoods in this region are Ardicli neighborhood, Fateh neighborhood, Ataturk neighborhood, Pinar neighborhood, Sanaye neighborhood, Inonu neighborhood, Markaz neighborhood, Yeshil Konte neighborhood, Talatupasha neighborhood, Injir Tappeh neighborhood, Sazdat Darreh neighborhood, Namik Kamal neighborhood.

Esenyurt means home of comfort. The history of the establishment of this region dates back to the 19th century, ie during the time of Akram Omar Pasha. Esenyurt is approximately 27 km from Istanbul Airport and 31 km from Taksim Square. Esenyurt is an area where you can buy housing with any budget with any taste. Most of the residents in this area are young people and children. The reason is the existence of good and high level schools and universities. Good conditions in this area have led to its population density.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Attractions in the area include Esenyurt Square, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, Chocolate Museum, Martyrs’ Park, Ghazian Park, Aqua Club Dolphin Water Park, Esenyurt Culture and Art Center. Esenyurt is rich in hot and mineral springs.

Esenyurt Square: Esenyurt Square is a symbol of diversity in this area. Esenyurt Square also has a central mosque built in the style of old Ottoman mosques.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park: It is known as one of the most beautiful parks in the region. The reason for the fame and popularity of Erdogan Park is the existence of artificial waterfalls and beautiful green space.

Chocolate Museum: Istanbul Chocolate Museum is one of the most popular entertainment and cultural places for children and chocolate lovers.

Shohada Park: Shohada Park is one of the popular recreational places in this neighborhood for the locals and residents who use it on weekends for picnics and leisure. The park is designed as a promenade for walking and relaxing.

Ghazian Park: Ghazian Park has been built with the aim of creating a place of recreation and entertainment for families in the Esenyurt area. The park has a variety of family-friendly facilities, including children’s playgrounds, cafes and restaurants.

Dolphin Aqua Club Water Park: Dolphin Club Water Park is the largest water park in Istanbul, which was established in 2001 in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district. This water park includes a wide range of slides, water games and pools that are designed separately for children and adults.

Esenyurt is an area with beautiful shopping malls, overnight shops and markets, foreign and domestic chain restaurants.

Esenyurt Culture and Art Center: Esenyurt Culture and Art Center is completely modern and uses advanced technology. The center has two large high-tech cinemas, a multi-purpose hall for 850 people, an exhibition and gallery, a cafeteria, a library and classrooms.

Some of Sniworth’s most popular shopping malls include Akbati Mall, Skole Mall, Thorium Mall, Marmara Park Mall, Carrefour Mall and Bauhaus Mall. Fish Festival and Spring Festival, which are two of the most attractive festivals in Turkey, are also held in this neighborhood.

Good and high-level schools and universities such as Bicent, Istanbul Glycim, Istanbul Earl and Fateh are located in this area.

Access to public transport

Public transportation in this area is done by bus, minibus, metrobus, metro and taxi 24 hours a day. The proximity of this area to important and vital highways as well as having public transportation has contributed to its development and progress.

Restaurants and hotels

The main hotels in the area that can be seen with modern faces are Nidia Hotel, Ibis Hotel, Dob Hotel and Comfort Hotel. The area’s restaurants and cafes also serve oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, European restaurants, hookahs and ottoman-style cuisine.

Benefits of living in the Esenyurt area

  • Reasonable price of property and land for investment
  • Facilitate the movement of residents due to the existence of public transport
  • Existence of good and high level schools and universities
  • There are attractive and famous parks and museums
  • Many shopping malls and modern and famous hotels
  • Has rich resources of hot and mineral waters

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