Question: Can I apply for Turkish citizenship and residency by investing in real estate or other types of investments to obtain Turkish citizenship or Turkish citizenship for my family?

Answer: Yes. After purchasing the property and paying the costs and getting the document, you will apply for temporary residence, after which you can apply for Turkish citizenship for all first-class family members.

Question: Why should I buy the property I need from Borna Hamz Real Estate Investment Company? Can I buy from somewhere else?

Answer: Buying a property is a very specialized job, especially if the purchase is in a place where you do not have any information about the real estate market. To buy confident, our experts are active in all regions of the country and have a close relationship with all important projects. Through years of work and effort, we can tell you exactly where and on what budget and why you should buy your property. We will examine the property before you and determine the real price of the property and the area. If you do not specialize in this work, you will pay huge amounts of bytes of purchase, and more importantly, at the time of sale, you will not be able to sell the property at the purchased price due to the high price. Therefore, our suggestion is to leave the work to the specialist so that it is done correctly. For more information, visit our real estate department or contact our real estate experts.

 Question: Can I also apply for citizenship for my parents?

Answer: If you are married, your first-degree family includes you ٬ your spouse ٬ and children under 18 years of age. And your parents have to act independently.

Question: As an investment, can I delegate all the steps of obtaining Turkish citizenship to a lawyer?

Answer: Yes, you can entrust the power of attorney for citizenship and its steps to the experts of Borna Hamz Investment Company. However, your presence is required when registering and applying for Turkish citizenship and citizenship through investing or buying property in Turkey.

 Question: If I have already bought a house in Turkey, can I show the document as part of the required minimum amount of $ 250,000?

Answer: If the property you bought is after 09/18/2018, you can show it. Properties purchased before this date cannot be cited.

Question: Is obtaining Turkish citizenship a 100% guarantee?

Answer: No. So far, we have not been denied a Turkish citizenship application, but security issues will be very important as your case will be sent directly to the Turkish Presidential Office and the Ministry of Interior. Therefore, if you do not have any special security records, there is no reason to reject your application for residency and citizenship.

 Question: How long does it take for my citizenship card to be issued?

Answer: According to the law on the right of citizenship and citizenship of foreign nationals, this period is from 2 to 6 months. But the government is trying to encourage this to reduce the time to 2 to 3 months.

Question: How can I open an account in Turkish banks after entering Turkey?

Answer: A limited number of Turkish state-owned banks have been instructed to open accounts for investors. Of course, Turkish banks of foreign origin or working with foreign capital refuse to open accounts for Iranians. The bank intended for this purpose is the Agricultural Bank of Turkey. Some of the famous branches of these banks work closely with our company to open a quick bank account in less than 10 minutes.

Question: What is the minimum investment for obtaining Turkish citizenship and citizenship through the purchase of property?

Answer: Currently, the minimum investment made by the Turkish Inspectorate is $ 250,000 or the equivalent of the value of the Turkish lira.

Question: If I have bought the property in installments, can I apply for Turkish residency and citizenship?

Answer: No. To obtain Turkish citizenship through investment and purchase of property, you must pay the full amount of the property, which is worth at least $ 250,000 or the equivalent of the Turkish lira, and settle with the seller. And show the relevant documents.

Question: In some countries, such as the UAE, it is possible to sell property to foreign nationals, but it has a duration that is 99 years in Dubai. This means that after 99 years, you no longer own it and the government confiscates it. Does this law also exist in Turkey?

Answer: No. If you look closely at the deed of the house bought to a foreign national, especially an Iranian, it does not say anything about it and it is no different from the deed of a Turkish owner. In other words, there is no provision in the Turkish acquisition law in this regard. You are the owner of that property forever. And it has no expiration date and can be passed on to your heirs.

Question: If I want to invest in real estate in Turkey but I do not want to become a Turkish citizen, can I sell the house again after buying it?

Answer: Yes. If you do not want to become a citizen of Turkey (in which case you will not have the right to sell for up to three years). You can sell or transfer your property to any natural or legal person at any time.

Private property is very important in Turkey and the Turkish government can not encroach on it in any way. The right to private property in Turkey is the same as in Europe and subject to international law.

Question: Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying an unfinished or under construction property?

Answer: Yes. According to the latest changes made by the Turkish government to facilitate the acquisition of Turkish citizenship and citizenship through investment and purchase of property on 07.12.2018 and stated in the official Turkish government newspaper, foreign citizens who intend to purchase and invest in real estate can A contract for the purchase of real estate in the notary public and a commitment to purchase a property worth $ 250,000, to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Question: Can my family and I, as an Iranian, have dual Turkish citizenship?

Answer: Yes. The Turkish government allows you to have dual citizenship or dual nationality if you acquire Turkish citizenship.

 Question: How can it be understood that the house that was purchased was accurately valued and that the actual value of at least $ 250,000 can be shown in the documents required for obtaining Turkish citizenship and citizenship so that there is no problem in the process?

Answer: As you mentioned before, the main condition for applying for Turkish citizenship is to buy a property worth at least $ 250,000 or the equivalent of a Turkish lira. This property must be purchased by the Real Estate Inspection and Valuation Organization and its approved experts. After the purchase, you should refer to the relevant organization and evaluate it.

It should be noted that due to the importance of this issue, it is better to contact our experts and follow the work process. Otherwise, the work time will be very long or you may have to buy another property to fill the amount of $ 250,000 if you buy the property.

 Question: If I want to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate or cash investment, what will happen to my family and me until my work process is completed?

Answer: We accompany you to receive your temporary one-year residence in less than a week. As you know, one-year temporary residence for ordinary people is at least a 4-month process. The Turkish government has special conditions for foreign investors and we will solve this problem for you immediately.

Question: In some countries, I have to list my assets and inform the government of that country. Is this also requested in Turkey?

Answer: No. The Turkish government does not conduct any inspections of your assets and the source of your assets, ie you can transfer all your assets to Turkey and you do not need any notification and you will not be taxed.

Question: Do I have to live and be present in Turkey for a limited or unlimited period after obtaining citizenship?

Answer: No. You can continue your life in any country you want after receiving a Turkish ID card or Turkish citizenship and a passport. And there is no need for your physical presence in Turkey.

Question: Can I register a company in Turkey and start a business?

Answer: Yes. You can easily register a Turkish company or a foreign company in Turkey and continue your activity and earn income.

Borna Homes Business Working Group By registering hundreds of foreign commercial companies and helping investors in establishing a business, buying a factory, buying offices in specialized areas, and registering your accounting and tax offices, and controlling and managing finances, and increasing profitability and capital. Your cash and non-cash are with Iranian entrepreneurs and capital owners and foreign investors.

Click on the link for more information about the steps and rules of company registration (limited liability company, private joint stock company or public joint stock company).

Question: Is it necessary to submit an expert report and property evaluation to buy and sell property in Turkey?

Answer: Yes. From March 4, 2019, it is mandatory to submit an expert report and property evaluation by a foreign buyer in all cities of Turkey. And without submitting this report, real estate transactions are illegal, and also if you do not submit a report evaluating the purchased property, you will have many problems in obtaining residency or citizenship of this country.


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