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Fateh district is one of the European districts of Istanbul, which is one of the most important commercial areas. It is bordered on the southwest by the Olive Borno region, on the northwest by the Ayub Sultan district, on the south by the Sea of Marmara, and on the east by the Gulogah Bridge. The area of this area is 15 km and has 57 neighborhoods. This area is located near the Bosphorus Strait. The famous Golden Horn Bridge is located in the north of the Fateh region and the Sea of Marmara in the south and the Bosphorus Strait in the east and the walls of Constantinople or Constant Constantinople in the west of this region and has added to the tourist attractions of this region.

At present, the Fatih district of Istanbul is divided into several neighborhoods, the most important of which are: Aksaray, Aminonu and Watan Jadsi.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

The famous sights of this region are: Sulaymaniyah Mosque Istanbul: This mosque was built in a way that overlooks the Bosphorus, so it is a great location for photography.

Istanbul Museum of Islamic Turkish Art: Istanbul Museum of Islamic Turkish Art contains calligraphic works in the Islamic world, artistic tiles, oriental carpets and ethnographic works.

New Istanbul Mosque: The New Istanbul Mosque, known in Turkish as Yeni Jami, is one of the most important places of worship in Istanbul.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar: It is the old and main bazaar of Istanbul.

Istanbul Spice Market: This is a Greek-style market and is one of the oldest markets in the city of Istanbul

Suklu Mohammad Pasha Mosque: One of the famous sights of the Fatih district of Istanbul.

Fateh Mosque of Istanbul: Another sight of Istanbul is Fateh Mosque, which is the main mosque of the region.

Istanbul Topkapi Palace: It is one of the best and most beautiful sights of Istanbul.

Basilica Reservoir: Yerbaton Reservoir, which is the most famous reservoir among Istanbul water reservoirs. It is located southwest of Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia: One of the most important historical monuments in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, which is currently located in the Fateh district in the European part of the city.

Greenhouse Park: Greenhouse Park is a historic city park in the Fateh district of Istanbul’s Aminova district. This park is located next to Topkapi Palace.

German Spring of Istanbul: The German Spring is a historical spring from the time of the Roman Empire.

Istanbul Chalglu Bath: This building was built by Sultan Mahmud I in 1741 instead of the palace of Ibrahim Pasha.

Mullah Ashegh Park: This park became famous with the series Azal. This region includes forests of the Balat and Galata regions and the bay and spring.

Tile Museum: This historical museum is located inside the outer walls of Topkapi Palace, which was built in 1472.

Copy Silver Skating Rink: One of the most famous sports venues with a long history.

Health Museum: Istanbul Health Museum was established in 1918. The main goal of the Istanbul Health Museum is to raise public awareness about health.

Grand Palace Mosaic Museum: This museum is located in the historic Fateh district of Istanbul near Sultanahmet Square in Astara Bazaar.

Takfur Palace of Istanbul: This palace is one of the historical monuments of Istanbul. Takfor Palace is one of the historical palaces and palaces that is a spectacular attraction.

Istanbul Grand Post Office: This historic building is one of the most important office buildings for postal services, located in the Sirkci neighborhood of Fateh neighborhood.

The main building of Istanbul University and most of its faculties are located in this area; Schools of medicine, dentistry, law, literature, science, economics, pharmacy, and theology, fisheries, and political science are also among them.

Access to public transport

The existence of all kinds of public vehicles in the Fatih district of Istanbul is the most important feature of this region. Metro, taxi, tram or tram have made access to this area easy.

Restaurants and hotels

In addition to many luxurious and international restaurants in the area, there is a restaurant on the roof of Hafta Tappeh overlooking the beautiful Sultanahmet area, which is the most famous restaurant in the area. In this area, there are various world-famous five-star hotels such as Forsythia to a variety of inns with a variety of services.

Benefits of living in the Conqueror area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • High rental income from real estate
  • The antiquity and history of this region
  • Very diverse historical and cultural attractions
  • The main and big market of Istanbul
  • Located near the Bosphorus
  • Easy access to this area
  • One of the busiest areas of Istanbul
  • The main place of travel and accommodation of tourists outside

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