Area guide

This region is located in the European part of Istanbul, which is bordered by Beshiktash and sisli regions to the north, Beyoghlu region to the southwest and Ayub Sultan region to the west. Due to its proximity to special and well-known areas of Istanbul such as Levent, Taksim and sisli and areas such as Maslak and Wadi in the stanbul, Kaythaneh has special features and today very stylish and luxurious residential and office projects are under construction in this area. For this reason, the inhabitants of this region are from the upper middle class.

Because there was a paper mill in this area during the Bayazid period, the name of this area must have been taken from it. The largest neighborhoods of Kaitahaneh are Sirantepe, Hamdiyeh and Talaat Pasha. Other neighborhoods in this area are Chalayan neighborhood, Chalik Tappeh neighborhood, Olari security neighborhood, Gol Tappeh neighborhood, Gorsel neighborhood, Hamdieh neighborhood, Harmanatepe neighborhood, Hurit neighborhood, Mohammad Akif Arsavi neighborhood, Markaz neighborhood, Nortpeh neighborhood, Ortabayli neighborhood, Soltamir neighborhood Shirintepe neighborhood, Talat Pasha neighborhood, Telesizler neighborhood.

Due to its natural beauty, gardens, luxurious riverside lifestyle, arts and entertainment, amphitheaters and recreational areas, the area hosts many creative construction projects, roads, transportation and infrastructure projects, as well as bike paths. And walking.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Among the attractive areas of this area, we can mention Saadabad Mosque and Baghcheh special promenade. One of the most famous centers of this region is Axis. The most famous sports club in this area is called Hasbahcheh. The club has volleyball, basketball and wrestling courts. The private schools in this area are Cory Warwell Academy and Kaitahane Private School.

Access to public transport

In terms of transportation, the main highways of the city of Istanbul pass through the north and south of the region, and the Kapatash and Mahmudb metro lines pass through the south of the region.

Restaurants and hotels

One of the most luxurious hotels in the area is the Delta Bay Marriott Hotel.

Benefits of living in the Kayithane area

  • Neighborhood with luxury areas of Istanbul such as Wadi Istanbul
  • Close to the city center and Taksim Square
  • Construction of luxury and very stylish projects in this area
  • Having natural beauty, gardens, art and entertainment centers, amphitheaters and…..
  • Access to the public transport system

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