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The Kartal district of Istanbul is one of the Asian regions on the shores of the Sea of Marmara in the southwest of the Kajali Peninsula of Istanbul, which is bordered by Maltepe in the west, Sanjaqatepe in the north, Sultan Beyli in the northeast and Pendik in the east.

The north and south of this region, with its forest and sea, have formed different neighborhoods. The area is made up of 20 neighborhoods. Atalar neighborhood, Joyzli neighborhood, Jomhory neighborhood, Cavuso ughlu neighborhood, Asen Tappeh neighborhood, Gumus Pinar neighborhood, Hurit neighborhood, Cordon Boyo neighborhood, Orhan Tappeh neighborhood, Orta neighborhood, Petrol Ish neighborhood, Soghanlik neighborhood, Tojvol neighborhood, Tapsol neighborhood Yakajik Yeni, Yakajik Charshi neighborhood, Yali neighborhood, Yorkari neighborhood, Yunus neighborhood are among these neighborhoods.

The Kartal district, with its urban development projects built in the area over the past eight years, has become the highest value-added property in Istanbul, earning high revenues due to the steady rise in the price per square meter. Currently, the Kartal district shines in Istanbul with a large number of beautiful and modern skyscrapers, luxury towers and stylish structures such as Negini.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

One of the sights and historical monuments of Kartal: Asinti Recreation Complex: This complex with its full facilities is one of the recreational spaces in the Kartal area of Istanbul, which is especially popular among the residents of this area.

Kartal Beach: This beach, which continues along the coast of the Maltepe area, receives a large number of visitors daily. On this beach, good facilities such as hiking and cycling tracks are available to the public.

Dragos Hill: Dragos is one of the most important historical monuments in the Asian part of Istanbul, which is located between the borders of Malta and Kartal.

Idos Hill: From Idos Hill you can see the Adalar Islands of Istanbul.

Idos Forest: This forest is one of the remnants of the former southern forests in Asia.

The universities of this region are Marmara University, University of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, Maltepe University, Suleiman University.

Shopping malls in this area include Asia Shopping Center, Kartal Shopping Center, Istomarina Shopping Center.

Access to public transport

Kartal is one of the coastal neighborhoods that has access to the Princes’ and Yalova Islands by sea, but most people prefer to use the road to get to and from these areas, as access to Istanbul’s Kartal is from Dey Sad Road, which is actually the main road between Anatolia. And the bridge is Bosphorus, it will be much easier. In addition, the coastal road from Tuzla to Bustanji is one of the most beautiful and attractive routes for traveling between the region.

Servicing buses and minibuses has made access to this area easier. The coastal road in Kadikoy, which starts from Baghdad Street and continues to the Kartal area, is one of the most important transportation options in the area.

  • Distance from this area to Sabiha Airport: 15 km
  • Distance from this area to Kadikoy: 16 km
  • Distance from this area to Bustanji: 17 km
  • Distance from Taksim: 33 km

Restaurants and hotels

There are famous hotels in this area, including:

  • Golden Dream Hotel
  • Grand Mira Hotel
  • Titanic Business Hotel
  • Ramada Anchor Kartal Hotel
  • Grand Lark Hotel

Benefits of living in the Kartal area

  • High value property for investment
  • Neighborhood from north and south with sea and forest
  • Has historical and attractive places
  • It has luxurious towers and stylish structures
  • Has a famous shopping center

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