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Kuchk-chekmejeh is one of the western regions in the European part of Istanbul near the lake of the same name. It is bordered on the west by Avjilar and Lake, on the north by Basakshir, on the east by Bahchevler, on the south by Bakerkuy and the Sea of Marmara.

The Kucuk-Chekmjeh area is located in a flat area with wide plains. This region was established from the breakaway region of Bakirkoy and has 21 neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are Atakent neighborhood, Ataturk neighborhood, Bashiol neighborhood, Jannat neighborhood, Republic neighborhood, Fatih neighborhood, Fuzi Chakumak neighborhood, Goltepe neighborhood, Halkali center neighborhood, Inonu neighborhood, Istasyan neighborhood, Kanarya neighborhood, Kanarya neighborhood, Kartal Tappeh neighborhood, Kartal Tappeh neighborhood Mohammad Akif, Suet Lu Cheshmeh neighborhood, Sultan Marat neighborhood, Tofik Bey neighborhood, Yarimburgaz neighborhood, Yenim neighborhood and Yeshilova neighborhood.

The area of this area is 38 square kilometers. Until 1950, this neighborhood was a tourist destination for people living in Istanbul. People came to this neighborhood by train and had fun by the lake. Among the recreations that took place in this lake were fishing and swimming. The Kucuk-Chekmjeh area is essentially a dense industrial area. The texture of this area is now a mixture of old buildings as well as luxury and new complexes.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Among the small and historical places of Kuchak-Chekmjeh are Garyarim-Burburg, Lake and Chouk-Chakmjeh, Mohammad Arsai Car Museum and Safae-Koi Cultural Complex.

Kooch-e-Chekmejeh Lake: One of the attractions of Kouchouk-e-Chekmejeh region is this 14 square meter lake that was formed thousands of years ago due to rising sea levels.

Yarimbooghaz Cave: Another small sight is the Yarimbooghaz Cave. These caves are in the northwest of the lake.

Mohammad Arsay Car Museum: This beautiful museum is one of the specialized museums of classic cars in Turkey, which was established by Maryam and Mohammad Arsay, who graduated in mechanics from the University of Aachen, Germany.

Safakoi Cultural Complex: This cultural center includes many educational workshops that have attracted the attention of its audience.

Famous shopping malls in this area are Armoni Park Shopping Center and Arena Park Shopping Center.

Education coverage in this area is very comprehensive and families do not have to worry about this. Among the small schools and colleges are: Private Nature College, Bahcheshehir Private College, Istanbul Basic College of Basic Sciences, Halkali Ovar Private Tutoring, Ted Atacent Private School, Belfen Private School.

Access to public transport

The Kuchuk-chekmeje district has access to Istanbul’s two busiest and most famous highways. Also, access to metrobus lines from all neighborhoods in the small area of Chachkumjeh by minibuses in these neighborhoods is very simple and easy.

Restaurants and hotels

Benefits of living in a Kuchuk-chekmeje

  • High value property for investment
  • There are several important universities, educational centers and schools
  • Located on the European coast of Marmara
  • One of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul due to the location of Kucuk-Cekmekje Lake in this area
  • Existence of famous shopping center
  • Access to the main arteries of transport

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