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Maltepe is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul. It is bordered on the south by the Sea of Marmara, on the west by the Kadikoy region, on the east by the Kartal region, and on the north by the Atashir region.

Mal’s hill literally means treasure or cubes full of accumulated gold coins. This area is a busy area with shops, shopping malls, cafes and large restaurants. Mediterranean climate features can be seen in this beautiful region. Malta is hot and dry in summers and rainy and cool in winters. In spring the weather is very pleasant and cool and often rainy, but in autumn it is mild and accompanied by heavy rains. Also, the natural vegetation of the Maltepe area is forested.

This area has 18 neighborhoods, which are: Bashi Buick neighborhood, Ataycheshmeh neighborhood, Altintepe neighborhood, Findikli neighborhood, Faizullah neighborhood, Aydin Uler neighborhood, Girneh neighborhood, Baghlar Bashi neighborhood, Gulen Su district, Joyzli neighborhood, Kuchuk Yali neighborhood, neighborhood Gul Soyo, Buick Bakalkoy neighborhood, Ideal Tappeh neighborhood, Chinar neighborhood, Yali neighborhood, Essen Kent neighborhood, Emerald neighborhood.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are several tourist attractions in this area, including:

Maltepe Coastal Road: The coastal road is located on the shores of the Marmara Sea in the Maltepe area. The Maltepe coastal road is full of restaurants and caffes.

Bashi Buick Mosque: This mosque is located in Bashi Buick neighborhood of Maltepe and is one of the oldest mosques in this area.

Bashi-Buick Amusement Park: This park is located in the Bashi-Buiuk neighborhood of Maltepe district.

Istanbul Toy Museum: This museum has the most popular historical toys from the 70’s.

There are 43 primary schools, 8 vocational high schools, 2 public education centers and 17 private schools in the Maltepe area. These educational centers include Ouzcan Maltepe College, Adatepe Grade School, Bahceh Shahir Private College, Dragos Maltepe Private College, Ara Private School, Aseman Maltepe Private School.

Maltape has 7 major universities. Malta Grand University was established in 1998 and is one of the largest and most famous universities in Istanbul. Some of Maltepe’s other famous universities are the Faculty of Education, located in the Buyuk Buckal Koi district, and Istanbul Business University.

There are also two shopping malls, Hilton and Maltepe Piazza.

Access to public transport

Bus lines facilitate traffic in the area, and the Marmara Metro runs south of Malta. In addition, the E5 highway, called E80, passes through the north of this area. Due to the presence of several universities in the area, access to most parts of the area by bus and minibus is possible.

Restaurants and hotels

Jewelry Asia Hotel, Elite Word Asia Hotel, Marma Asia Hotel are some of the luxury hotels in this area.

Benefits of living in the Maltepe area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • The neighborhood of this region with the Sea of Marmara
  • Luxurious and modern towns, villas and towers
  • It has good and prosperous neighborhoods
  • It has a Mediterranean climate

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