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Nishantashi is located in the European part of Istanbul, in the famous district of Shishli, which is almost square in shape, and due to its importance in this section, it is treated as a special neighborhood.

Nishantashi means raised stones. This neighborhood is known as Paris Istanbul. Nishantashi is actually one of the historical and old quarters of Istanbul. The neighborhood is on the one hand near Osmanbey and Taksim, on the other hand adjacent to Beshiktash. This neighborhood can be considered the most important place in Istanbul in terms of retail goods, especially clothing.

Nisantashi has the most stylish and luxurious homes for investment. This area used to be the residence of a special class of the Ottoman Empire. To this day, this area is still the residence of the largest foreign communities in Istanbul. This area is a hangout for artists, actors and fashion lovers. International brands as well as boutiques of famous designers such as Louise Whiton and Chanel are active in this area.

In this neighborhood, there are some of the best clubs in Istanbul, cafes and restaurants suitable for modern entertainment. Other things like unique perfumes, jewelry, spices and drinks, and even rare and old books can be found in Nishantashi.

From fashion colleges to clothing design centers, luxury brands, old buildings and cozy alleys are some of the unique attractions of this neighborhood.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Other attractions in Nishantashi include the Tsevikiye Mosque, Machka Park, art galleries and boutique shops, Ihlamur Palace and Park, Donya Barish Park, the Ataturk Museum and the cable car. Luxury brands, old buildings and cozy alleys are among the attractions of this area. Branches of stores such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and can be seen in this neighborhood.

Citizen Nishantashi Shopping Mall is one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul, located on Tesvikiye Street. This shopping center has good access to Taksim Square.

  • Ihlamur Palace: It is a summer house that was used for the rest of the Ottoman kings. The palace was built by order of Sultan Abd al-Majid.
  • Istanbul Ataturk Museum: This museum is originally the house of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which became a museum of the same name years after his death.
  • Istanbul cable car: This cable car was made by an Italian company. The cable car runs from the shores of the Golden Horn to the top of Pirlotti Hill.
  • Istanbul Teshvikiye Mosque: This mosque was built in the Neo Baroque style by the Balian brothers. The white columns have given a special effect to this mosque and this mosque is held for holding religious ceremonies related to famous people.

Nishantashi University is one of the private universities in Turkey, which was established in 2009 and is located in this neighborhood. The Education and Culture Foundation is the financial backer of this university. Nishantashi University is approved by the Turkish Education Council.

Access to public transport

Restaurants and hotels

Among the restaurants in Nishantashi, we can mention Delicatessen Restaurant, which is one of the luxury restaurants. This restaurant is a local restaurant that displays Western food and its atmosphere in the best possible way. Other famous restaurants in this area. Nishantashi is a cuisine whose famous dishes include Turkish lamb kebab with pita bread. A branch of Nusrat Chef Restaurant called Nusrat Burger is located in Abdi Ipekchi Street, Nishantashi.

Benefits of living in the Nishantashi area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • One of the most classy historical areas of Istanbul in terms of accommodation of celebrities and the rich
  • It has a wide range of restaurants, museums, cinemas, shopping malls and monuments
  • The most important place in Istanbul in terms of retail goods, especially clothing
  • Close to the city center and Taksim Square

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