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Istanbul’s Sarir district is one of the European districts of Istanbul, which was originally a fishing village that has attracted the attention of the rich since ancient times, and many luxury villas and houses have been built in this area over time. The geographical location, climate, and location on the coastline have increased the popularity of the area among Istanbul investors and tourists.

Sariyer in Turkish means sari meaning yellow and yer means place and in general means yellow place. This area is located next to the Belgrade forest of Istanbul and is worth living because of its unique beauty and historical climate, and the property of this area is a combination of beach villas and apartments.

It is bordered on the south by Besiktas, on the southwest by Sisli, on the west by Ayub Sultan, and on the east by the Bosphorus and the Bougaz Bridge. Neighborhoods of this area: Ayazha, Kirchborno neighborhood, Bahchekui neighborhood, Kuchtash neighborhood, New Bahchekui neighborhood, Komukoi neighborhood, Baltalimani neighborhood, Mining neighborhood, Buick Darreh neighborhood, Maslak neighborhood, Jomhoryat neighborhood, Jomhuri neighborhood, Central neighborhood, Chamli neighborhood, Chamli neighborhood Polygon neighborhood, Dar al-Shafaka neighborhood, Oleri neighborhood, Demirji neighborhood, Rashid Pasha neighborhood, Amirgan neighborhood, Qom Romeli neighborhood, Fateh Sultan Mohammad neighborhood, Ramli Kavai neighborhood, Farah Uler neighborhood, Romli Fanari neighborhood, Garipjeh neighborhood, Tarabia neighborhood, Dar neighborhood Eskum Rokvi, Hozour neighborhood, Yeni neighborhood, Yastiniyeh neighborhood, Yeni Koi neighborhood, Kazem Karabkir neighborhood, Zakaria Koi neighborhood, Kemar neighborhood, Kisirkaya neighborhood.

Sarir district is one of the most important districts of Istanbul. In general, Sarir region has many beautiful beaches, which is one of the reasons for the accommodation of rich people in this region due to its beautiful and pristine landscapes. In terms of architectural value, many buildings are valuable and historical. Many consular buildings, mansions, kiosks, piers and churches can be seen in this area.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Attractions in the area include the Ataturk Recreation Complex, the Belgrade Forest, the Ms. Sadberk Museum, the Amurgan Recreation Complex, Garibche Village, Romley Castle, the Garden of Japan, and the Ural Ataman Car Museum.

well as the city of Istanbul. Also, most of the recreational places are located around this area, which can be referred to the Eastinia shooting range, tennis sports club and equestrian sports facilities in this area. There are many nightclubs and nightclubs in the area. You can also visit its stores 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Belgrade Forest A great attraction of the Sarir region is that half of the landscape is coastal and the other half is located in the beautiful forest of Belgrade. A large green area that is cherished by the people of Istanbul. Council officials have also set up picnic parks and sports leisure facilities as a place to jog, rest, meditate or get away from those extra pounds.

Ms. Sadberk Museum is a private museum located in the Buick Valley area.

Ms. Sadberk Museum: This historical park is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul and is located on the European coast of this region.

Garibche Village: This village is located at the entrance of the Black Sea at the beginning of the Strait of Istanbul on the northernmost coast of Europe.

Romley Castle: This castle is known as the castle of Buqaz Kasan. The castle remains intact to this day and is used as a museum and an open-air theater.

Garden of Japan: Due to the political relations between Japan and Turkey, many relations are to be formed between the two countries. Therefore, 4850 trees and plants have been used in this garden, which is supposed to be the cultural center between the two countries. In the sea view of the entrance of this garden, the symbols of the two countries have been used, which has given it a beautiful view.

The universities of this region are ishik University, Kouch University and Istanbul University of Technology

Access to public transport

Residents of this area use sea and land roads for traffic. Shipping by ship is one of the piers in the area.

Travel to Asian areas such as Kadikoy or Amin Ono and other areas adjacent to the pier is done by passenger ship. There are 3 main axes for road transport. One of them is the coastal road that follows the shores of the Bosphorus. The second is Haji Osman Street, which ends at the coastal road of Kofli Koi, and the other is Buick Darreh Street, which connects the Istiniyeh Park and Tarapa areas to the road. Connects with Sultan Mohammad Fateh Bridge.

There are many daily subway and bus lines from Sariyer to Beshiktash and Taksim. The metro is also passing through the Sarir area with 4 stations.

Restaurants and hotels

There are many seafood restaurants in this area and there is a lot of variety. There are also many Middle Eastern dishes in this region. Due to its forest and sea area, Sarir has made it one of the best areas of Istanbul, which is why there are many luxury and 5-star hotels in it.

Benefits of living in the Sarir region

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Accommodation of rich, highly educated people from all over the world
  • Existence of luxury beach villas in this area
  • Location of luxury hotels, cafes and restaurants in the coastal areas of the region
  • Neighborhood of the eastern part with the Bosphorus Strait and the Bougaz Bridge
  • The beautiful forest of Belgrade is located at the eastern end of the region
  • Adjacent to the area from the north with beautiful black beaches and the Gulf of Buyuk Valley
  • 2 famous shopping malls of Istanbul Park and Wadi Istanbul

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