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Sisli is one of the European regions and one of the 32 main regions in Istanbul. Sisli district has a good and excellent location and of course is important among other areas of Istanbul, which is one of the oldest and most important known areas of the city.

This region has become the most populous province of Turkey. The total area of sisli is 30 square kilometers and is located in the north of the famous Taksim Square. It is bordered on the east by Besiktas, on the north by Sariyer, on the west by Kaitohane, and on the south by Bey Aghlo.

Shishli district includes 25 other small neighborhoods such as Golbahar neighborhood, Majidiyehkooi, Pasha neighborhood, Mahmoud Shaukat Pasha neighborhood, Folia neighborhood, Halideh Oedipus Adivar neighborhood, Kushetpeh neighborhood, Freikoyi neighborhood, Markaz neighborhood, Eskisehir neighborhood, Mayviyeh neighborhood, Tavis Maivieh neighborhood. Yayla, Bozkurt neighborhood, Davatpe neighborhood, Ezzatpasha neighborhood, Constitutional neighborhood, Republic neighborhood, Snapte neighborhood, Halil Rifat Pasha neighborhood, Inonu neighborhood, Kaptanapasha neighborhood, Organken neighborhood, Harbiye neighborhood and Halashangaz neighborhood.

Despite not having a beach, this area has historical monuments, modern commercial centers and many cultural and artistic centers. Extensive use of apartments has turned old roads into promising streets, so they have attracted rich people to live in these apartments. From the past until now, high-level and educated people have been living in this area, which is one of the important factors in the popularity of this area for foreigners. The Sisli region is a wonderful experience to live in Turkey and the famous neighborhood of Nishantashi. Is located in this region, which has been studied separately according to the special characteristics of this neighborhood.

  • Distance to the airport: 45 minutes
  • Distance to the beach: 10 minutes
  • Distance to the city center: 5 minutes

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

One of the most important streets in this area is Buick Valley, which is very similar to the streets of New York and Tokyo. This street starts from Sisli and continues to Maslak area. The Sisli region is very rich in culture.The area has many cinemas and theaters, including the Harbieh Open Air Theater, the Jamal Rashiti Concert Hall, the Lotfi Kardar Conference and Exhibition Center.

In the field of sports, there are many sports clubs in this area, one of the most famous of which is Freiko. There are 33 mosques, 17 churches and 2 synagogues in this area. The famous Tashvikiye Mosque, Ataturk Museum, هhlamur Palace, Istanbul Military Museum, Holy Spirit Cathedral, Sent.Spirit Cathedral, Iadimitri Church are some of the most spectacular attractions in the area.

Tashvikiyeh Mosque: This mosque is one of the most important historical sites in the Sisli region and the white stone columns at the entrance of the mosque are its unique feature.

Ataturk Museum: One of the houses where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lived is located in the Sisli district of Istanbul. The building is now a museum and is known as the Ataturk Museum

Ihlamore Palace: Ilamore Palace dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is now used as a public museum.

Army Military Museum: This museum is located in the Harbiyeh neighborhood of the Sisli region, where the Academy of Arts of the Ottoman Empire once stood. In this museum, visitors can see different collections of rifles, pistols, cannons, bullets and various combat uniforms.

One of the most famous shopping malls in this area is Jawaher. Atlantis Leisure Center is the only indoor leisure center in Istanbul. Another shopping center is called Trump Tower, which has 141 local and international brands. It also has movie theaters where live shows are shown. Another shopping mall is called Astria, which is located in Sisli Snapte. On the ground floor of the center there is a caffe with large terraces, various Turkish souvenirs and accessories. Canyon Shopping Center, Ozdilek Center, Blackout Sisli are also among the most famous shopping centers in this area.

One of the most famous bridges in Istanbul is the 15th of July or Martyrs Bridge, which is located near this area.

Access to public transport

Most of the metro line in the Sisli area passes through Osmanbeyi, Levent and Majidiyeh Koi stations. Another type of transportation in this area is the metro bus. Taxis and minibuses are also available in all areas to facilitate public transportation.

Restaurants and hotels

There are luxury restaurants in this area with good quality food. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area are Delictsen, Nishantashi Kushabashi, Van Kahwalti Ovi and Love Cafe. There are also luxury hotels in the area. These include the Grand Jewel Hotel, the Hilton Bosphorus Hotel and the Hilton Beaumont Hotel.

Benefits of living in Sisli

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Large transportation system and facilitation of transportation
  • Specific geographical location and location at the exit of the Bosphorus Bridge
  • Residential and commercial area
  • Existence of huge residential, commercial and office construction projects
  • Accommodation of the rich and educated
  • Existence of luxury and famous hotels
  • Access to entertainment services of restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theaters, football stadiums and popular shopping malls

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