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Istanbul’s Skudar district is one of the most populous areas of Istanbul in Turkey, which has its own municipality and is located on the shores of the Anatolian Bosphorus. It is bordered on the north by Bikuz region, on the northeast by Omraniyeh region, on the east by Atashahir region, on the south by Kadikoy region and on the west by Bosphorus Strait and is close to the sea.

Skudar was one of the most important Ottoman Turkish settlements in Istanbul at that time, and the majority of the population of Skudar was made up of artisans and retired artisans. This area is one of the greenest areas of Istanbul where the forests of this area are being preserved.

Escudar has 17 neighborhoods, of which Ajibadam neighborhood, Ahmadieh neighborhood, Altunizadeh neighborhood, Aziz Mahmoud neighborhood, Baghcheh Liauler neighborhood, Barbaros neighborhood, Bellerbey neighborhood, Bulgurlu neighborhood, Borhaniyeh neighborhood, Jomhuri neighborhood, Kucuksu neighborhood, Mahamatafi neighborhood , Salamiali neighborhood, Sultanatepeh neighborhood, Valideh Attik neighborhood and Kamil neighborhood.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

There are countless mosques in the Skudar neighborhood, most of which were built during the Ottoman period. One of the most beautiful mosques in this neighborhood, which stands out more than any other building, is the Mehr Mosque of the Sultan, which is also known as the Pier Mosque.

The Girl’s Tower is located near Tower Square or, in the local language, Keys Kolsey, and is considered one of the most popular attractions in Escudar and the city of Istanbul due to its beautiful architecture and location in the Bosphorus.

Built during the Ottoman period, Billerby Palace has been used as a summer residence. The palace is located in the Billerby neighborhood, right at the mouth of the Bosphorus and is level with the water.

Altunizadeh area is one of the modern areas of Escudar that has many shopping malls. Capitol Shopping Mall, one of the oldest shopping malls in Istanbul, is located in Escudar. Another shopping center in this area is Acacia Shopping Center.

According to the education sector, Skudar district has a special place among the districts of Istanbul, because it has a network of 86 public primary schools, 22 private primary schools, 168 public schools for secondary education, 10 private schools for secondary education, 26 public high schools, 23 The private high school has 18 student dormitories, 14 private education institutions, 12 private teaching institutions, a public university and a private university.

Skudar Private University, established by the Foundation for Human Values and Mental Health, is also located in the Skudar district of Istanbul. Other universities in the region include the famous Istanbul University, Marmara University and Istanbul Civic University.

Access to public transport

Geographically, Skudar is located in the center of Istanbul and is one of the central stations for sea and land transport, as it provides a connection between the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

It also has one of the Marmara metro stations that connects both parts of Istanbul. Access to the area from all parts of Asia is very easy by bus or minibus. From the European part to the Scudar can also be used 24 hour boats or boats.

Restaurants and hotels

The best hotels in this area are Bosphorus Plus Hotel, Woolly Hotel, New Billerby Hotel, Su Mardom Hotel and Billerby Hotel, Park Boutique.

Benefits of living in the Squadron area

  • High value property for investment
  • Proximity and beautiful view to the sea
  • Existence of major educational centers in this area
  • Easy access to this area
  • Has historical attractions
  • One of the greenest and most beautiful areas of Istanbul

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