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Omraniyeh district is one of the Asian districts of Istanbul, which is bordered by Eskudar district from the west, Atashehir district from the south, Sanjaqetepe district from the east, chekmekoy district from the north and Bikuz district from the northwest.

This area is one of the oldest and most historic areas of Istanbul. Omraniyeh used to be a part of Skudar, which was separated from it in 1987, and is now an independent neighborhood with attractive sights.

Omraniye is the fourth most populous region of Istanbul and the most populous region in the Asian part of Istanbul. The area of this area is 22,000 hectares and consists of 35 neighborhoods. Neighborhoods of this region are Adamovyuz neighborhood, Altinshahir neighborhood, Armaghan Uler neighborhood, Dodulu neighborhood, Atakent neighborhood, Ataturk neighborhood, Jamil Meric neighborhood, Chamlik neighborhood, Dodolo OSB neighborhood, Dumlo Pinar neighborhood, Al-Kent neighborhood, Essen Oler neighborhood Essen Kent is the neighborhood of Essen Shahir, the neighborhood of Fateh Sultan Mohammad, the neighborhood of Finans Kent, the neighborhood of Hakim Bashi, the neighborhood of Hozour, the neighborhood of Ihlamur Koyo.

Omraniyeh does not have access to the Bosphorus Strait and does not have a beach, but in terms of economic diversity, the region is very rich, consisting of small industries producing clothing, spare parts and wood products.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

Tourist and historical attractions of Istanbul Omraniyeh district include Ihlamover forest, Dodolo hill, Shile forest path, Trabzon amusement park, Hakimbashi mansion, Birlik historical district.

Ilhammore Forest: In the northern part of the development. This forest is one of the recreational centers of this region.

Dodolo Hill: This resort is located at an altitude of the highlands of Istanbul, which is great for a view of the city.

Chile Forest Route: Chile Forest is one of the most beautiful forests in Istanbul.

Trabzon Amusement Park: This park has been opened in the heart of the Omraniyeh area to meet cultural and artistic needs.

Birlik Omraniyeh Historic District: It is one of the tourist attractions of Omraniyeh district of Istanbul in its Asian part.

There are two universities in Kuramer and Mayes University in Istanbul, which receive hundreds of students each year.

Access to public transport

Omraniyeh metro station is an underpass and does not cross the ground. Buses, minibuses and taxis can be reached at Omraniyeh Metro Station.

Restaurants and hotels

The most famous hotels in this area are Crowne Plaza Oria Par Hotel, Hilkon Business Hotel, Mercury Civil Hotel.

The advantages of living in the development area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Very rich economic diversity
  • It has green and forested areas

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