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Zeytinburnu Istanbul is one of the European regions of Istanbul. This area is one of the important historical areas of Istanbul and also the proximity to Ataturk Airport has made this area an important area. There are also historical walls from the Byzantine period in this area and with the view facing the bay, they have increased the value of the property.

The region is bordered on the east by the Fateh region, on the north by the Ayub Sultan region, on the south by the Sea of Marmara, on the west by the Gongorn and Bakerkoy region, and on the northwest by the Slenner region. The area consists of a total of 13 neighborhoods and there are no rural settlements in the area. These neighborhoods include Beshtal Siz Mahalla, Chirpiji Mahalla, Gokalp Mahalla, Kazili Cheshmeh Mahalla, Maltepe Mahalla, Effendi Mahalla Center, Nouri Pasha Mahalla, Siyat Nizam Mahalla, Sumer Mahalla, Telsiz Mahalla, Vali Effendi Mahalla, Yeni Doan Mahalla, Yeshil pointed to the hill of the neighborhood.

Zeytinburnu is an independent municipality and Istanbul is a center for trade and industry, but has recently become one of the most important places to invest in luxury residential construction projects.

The number of modern commercial offices, luxury shopping malls, and modern residential complexes in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district has increased over the past ten years, and this has led many to seek housing in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district.

In the Effendi Center neighborhood of the Zeytinburnu region, there is a center that grows various medicinal plants and training courses are held in this field. Borno has a beautiful beach that is great for fun, fun and games, especially for kids.

Attractive centers and social and cultural life

This area is an attractive destination for clothes shopping and is also the center of leather clothing lovers in Istanbul. Olive Borno Organic Market is one of the most famous organic markets in Istanbul. The zeytinburnu Spor football team is one of the most prominent teams in the region, known for its white and blue uniforms. This area, like other areas of Istanbul, has amazing attractions. These attractions and features include:

  • The beautiful beaches of Olivier
  • Olive Gardens
  • Boating and surfing

Other places of interest and historical monuments include the Olivier Barno Rumi’s Yeni kapi House, the Effendi Center Mosque, the Virgin Greek Monastery, the Panorama Historical Museum, the Seyed Nezam Grand Mosque, the Medicinal Plants Garden and the Topkapی Cultural Park.

Rumi Yeni kapi House: This historical site, which is the most important center of Rumi’s works after Konya, is located in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul and is considered a special place.

Markazafandi Mosque: One of the historical mosques of Istanbul, which owns a cemetery of the same name.

Panoramic Historical Museum: This museum represents the conquest of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, by the troops of the Ottoman Sultan Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror.

Seyyed Nezam Mosque: This mosque is named after Seyyed Nezam, one of the Ottoman clerics who passed away in 1550 and was buried in the same place.

Medicinal Plants Garden: This complex, which was built in collaboration with the Municipality of Zaitin-Borno and the Effendi Center Company, was able to achieve 700 herbal medicines.

Istanbul Olivium Shopping Mall is located in the Zeytinburnu district. The Marmara Grand Passage is located on the northern border of the Olive Borno region. Merter Shopping Center is also located in this area.

There are several important Istanbul universities in this area: the Faculty of Nursing, Kech University, Bonyan Fateh Sultan Mohammad University, Eastiniye University Complex, Biruni University, and Arl Istanbul Joyzli University Complex.

Access to public transport

Access to various types of private and public transport including metro, metro bus, tram, Marmara submarine metro line, sea transport and a wide network of bus transport to all parts of Istanbul from this

Restaurants and hotels

The Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul has a rich social environment and a luxurious lifestyle that is full of luxury restaurants. Due to the existence of these features and facilities, this region also has very stylish and luxurious hotels and restaurants. Some examples of these hotels are:

  • Eis Hotel
  • Radisson Belo Hotel
  • Interstellar Hotel
  • Hampton Bay Hilton Hotel
Each of these hotels has many facilities and features.

Benefits of living in the Zeitung-Borno area

  • High value of property and land for investment
  • Attracting new investments in industrial and commercial fields
  • Neighborhood with the Sea of Marmara
  • Having luxury hotels
  • View to the bay and the beach is very beautiful

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