One bedroom unit of 45 m2 area in Şişli, Istanbul

  • $ 1,380,000
Merkez Mahallesi, Şişli, Istanbul

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In this part, a studio will be introduced. A studio is a unit designed integrated and different parts of it are not divided by tge wall. From the area of this residential unit 4.5 m2 of the area is allocated to the balcony with glass walls which gives special effect to the building facade.

From the entrance you enter the house, you face a relatively long corridor, part of which is dedicated to the bathroom wall. Although the area of the house is only 46 square meters, but the whole space is well used.

On the right, the kitchen is shown with its modern design, in which the installation of its cabinets is done intelligently and takes up little space. In addition, due to the bright colors used, the illusion of light is created and the environment looks bigger than it is.

The reception hall is located in the middle of the house and inside it is U-shaped furniture and a dining table for 4 people.


About the Project

The project was started by Tahicioglu Architecture about 3 years ago and now its units are ready for delivery. The architectural style used in the facade of the building is one of the most popular architectural styles that harmonizes the structure well with the surrounding space.

The project consists of 3 interconnected buildings, 2 of which have 5 floors and the other has 39 floors. All floors are equipped with fire extinguishing system and CCTV. Inside the complex, there are many and various recreational and welfare facilities, among which beauty salons and restaurants can be named.


About Şişli District

Şişli is one of the pleasant areas with good weather along the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus Strait. This region connects the Asian and European regions and is one of the main areas of the city. Jewelry Shopping Center, which is the largest shopping center in Europe, was built in this area.

This shopping center has 6 floors and more than 300 stores. Many glorious historical buildings can be seen in this area, including the Tashvikiyeh Mosque.

Another important historical monument of Şişli is the Atatürk Museum, which played an important role during the Turkish War of Independence and has given an extraordinary beauty to this region with its unique architecture.


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46 M2
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Updated on March 3, 2021 at 12:55 pm

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